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To support 100 Syrian applicants for universities worldwide, by paying for their university applications, foreign language tests or consultancy and assistance in the application cover letters and CVs.

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About Zendetta Grant

In commemoration of the anniversary of the Syrian Revolution, Zendetta would like to launch an initiative; helping to support 100 Syrians who do not have the financial means to pay for their university applications (up to $100 per application) or to pay for their Foreign Language proficiency tests fees (up to 250$ per applicant).

The Zendetta Grant seeks to assist Syrians with their university applications acknowledging that education is crucial for the creation of the Syrian future, which has to be aided by well-educated and passionate individuals; I believe that passion is best fostered by education.

The grant receivers will also be put in touch with consultants who can support them through the screening process by assisting them to refine their CV’s and Cover Letters as required in addition to covering the application fees.

The closing date is 28th May 2022.

We will hold an NFT auction for the artworks and photos on the website on Opensea to fund this initiative. The auction will start on the 15th of March and close on the 1st of April.

The full proceedings of the auction will be dedicated to covering this grant's receivers application, foreign language proficiency tests, and consultancy fees.

Who is it for?

This initiative will prioritize the application of survivors of massive political violence and Human Rights violations, “Detention, Siege, Forced Displacement… etc". We consider ourselves a part of the collective acknowledgment of the injustices that the students survive and we think of this initiative as a step toward reparation.

Advocate for Syrian rights: Whether on campuses, events, or gatherings, we would like our applicants to be willing to demand and promote the rights of Syrians, inside and outside Syria, for freedom, dignity, and Justice. We especially encourage those of you who are willing to share their personal stories with others around you in your forthcoming academic institutions to show the inspirational efforts and the ordeals millions are facing and your tenancy in the face of hardships. This initiative will prioritize those who believe in a Democratic Syria.

Academic Eligibility is a set of criteria that is defined by your chosen institutions and degree programs. Our team will review your coverage of these points to make sure you are ready to take on the challenge and hopefully ace it.

Please, if you are not sure due to political discrimination in paperwork, obtaining the paperwork from the regime’s areas… so on, reach out to us through this email, and we will brainstorm ways for you to apply next year and small steps you can take to ease the process over this year.

How to Apply

Students seeking to study abroad would fill out a contact form below to apply. We would appreciate it if you listed your desired academic institution and degree program with a link so we can review your eligibility.

Additionally, we would like to know more about you. This is where you can tell us how this consultancy and grant funding would help you with your education and broader life goals.

If you require a Language Proficiency Test:



Deir Ezzor

Pre 2010

Growing Up In Deir Ezzor

Arab Spring

Middle East & N.Africa

2010 - 2011

Protests For Freedom




Arbitrary Detention




Restoration Of Dignity



2012 - 2013

Documenting Life & Death

Palestine Branch



Palestine Branch

Leaving Jail



Release from Palestine Branch

Seeking Refuge

Syria to Turkey


Fleeing Syria


Turkey & USA

2014 - 2017

Life as a Refugee

Starting Again


2017 - Present

A fresh start